At the University of Bologna, Dept. of Mathematics, our team works at the use of topology and geometry in robotic applications since 1988. Mainly, we deal with computer vision by means of a shape descriptor (the Size Functions) conceived and developed by Patrizio Frosini. But our interests cover a fairly wide area reaching from the abstractions of manifold topology to robot navigation and to a concrete project for the blind (VIDET).


Contact person:

Massimo Ferri
Mailing address: Dipartimento di Matematica
Piazza di Porta San Donato, 5
40126 Bologna - ITALY
Telephone number: ++39-051-2094452
Fax number: ++39-051-2094490

Presently active in our group:

No more in the group but always close to our hearts!

Aldo Brucale, Riccardo Carlesso Michele D'Amico, Pietro Donatini, Lorenzo Degli Esposti, Luciano Gualandri, Alberto Lovato, Cristina Rivola, Simone Tramonti, Riccardo Zaccarelli,

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