You can download SketchUp, a demonstrative program for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95/98 which shows the capability of Size Functions in describing shapes. Draw the profile of an object chosen in this set: nut, screwdriver, scissors, drill, compass, wrench, hammer: SketchUp will try to recognize your choice.

Download SketchUp 2.0 (file sketchup.tar - approximately 4Mb)

You can download SizeTool,a tool for the programmers all written in standard C (a part from the use of dirent.h libraries); there you can find the Size Functions engine, some measuring functions implemented and the main code to use and correlate them.

Download SizeTool 1.0 (file SizeTool.1.0.tar.gz - approximately 120Kb)

Last revision: 25 September 2000